The second wave - It's great to be moving from reactive to proactive


Mental health awareness has come a long way since Mindful Employer started in 2010. People are now much more open to having the conversation. This is no longer something that happens to someone else. What we are seeing now, is what I describe as the second wave.

In the early days, compliance was a key driver in the decision to engage with Mindful Employer and it still is front and center. However, more recently I have noticed a significant shift:

  • It is now generally accepted that most of us will be impacted by a mental health issue at some stage of our lives, whether in ourselves or in a colleague, friend or family member
  • It is also well understood that the earlier we treat this the better, so getting help quickly is a priority
  • We understand that it can be costly to ignore. It is estimated presenteeism - reduced productivity - costs Australian workplaces over $6 billion a year. While absenteeism is costing workplaces close to $5 billion each year
  • We understand that the increase of mental injuries in the workplace present complex return to work issues (Worksafe Victoria, 2017)
  • And we now have positions in organisations that support and drive the push to prioritise staff wellbeing; HR professionals, Learning and Development Managers and People and Culture Leaders, who are driving change from within.

All of which means that we have the privilege of working with people who really care and who genuinely want to learn more.

Sarah Earnshaw