Four ideas for your Mental Health Week event – and it’s not too late to make it happen!


October is Mental Health Month! There is lots happening and we will no doubt be running to keep up!

Mental Health Week 2017 runs from 8-14 October 2017 and October 10 is World Mental Health Day.

It's never too late to encourage good mental health and celebrate wellness at work...

Here are four ideas for your event:

  1. Lunchtime Music Share. Bring along your favourite ‘happy’ music and have the playlist on while you share a meal with your colleagues. This is a great one to lift the mood but it works well as a team building exercise too. Don't have a playlist? Check out Spotify, there's lots of 'happy' playlists.
  2. Yoga and mindfulness. If you have the space, consider running a short yoga and mindfulness session for your staff. This YouTube channel is a great place for yoga videos. We suggest thisthis and this, oh, and, this for all those working in manual labour.
  3. Sharing opinions and ideas is a great way to open a dialogue on staying well at work. Grab lunch and sit down with the group to watch Shawn Achor’s The Happy Secret to Better Work . It is a fantastic conversation starter, and funny too!
  4. Stories build Empathy. Consider sharing some of SANE's Living Stories. These are real life stories about people with a lived experience of mental illness. Watch one together with your team and then discuss. Be sure to let your employees know what the video is about before the session and make the session optional.

A note on Empowerment

Building a mentally healthy workplace means empowering your people with a focus on wellness, knowledge, and with access to support. Make available links to theseimportant mental health resources and to other avenues for support here and here.

Share your Mental Health Week event by registering it at one of the many Mental Health Week sites or share it using #mentalhealthweek2017

Happy Mental Health Month :0)

Sarah Earnshaw