SANE@Work 2016


No two workplaces are the same. If you’re a trucking company, a library, a government department or a construction crew, your employees will have unique needs when it comes to workplace health and safety.

Mental health is no different. So for Mental Health Week 2016, we’re offering a curated suite of resources to suit your workplace.

How to run SANE@Work

It’s easy! Below you’ll see mental health-friendly activities and resources you can run at work during Mental Health Week. They’re free, simple and ready to use.

Treat them like a menu: mix and match our suggestions to create a list that works where you work. You could do this, or you could throw it open to your colleagues to choose.

There is also a list of gold-coin fundraisers for Mindful Employer. Your generosity helps us fund the work we do supporting mental health in Australian workplaces.



Show off your brains! Run a lunchtime trivia competition with a gold-coin entry fee. Make up your own questions, or take on Mindful Employer's trivia challenge.

Games & sports

Are you a physical workplace? Hold a gold-coin team walk, an after-work jog or a game of football or cricket. If you’re more into games, how about a treasure hunt, or a physical game like capture the flag?


A workplace runs on its stomach. Hold a gold-coin team picnic, bake-off or barbecue. Or invite everyone to bring their favourite comfort food to share.

How to donate

Thanks for raising funds to support Mindful Employer’s work. Once you’ve tallied up your takings, you can donate your proceeds on the SANE Australia website.


Run a progressive muscle relaxation session

Relaxing your body relaxes your mind. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a great way to get into a state of deep relaxation. You’ll need about 15 minutes and a quiet, comfortable place for people taking part to lie down. As a guide, we recommend using this YouTube video or this app.

Run a mindfulness meditation session

Mindfulness is about giving your mind a break from your worries, stress and the intensity you can feel during the working week. You can do this by shifting your attention to your breathing. You’ll need at least five minutes and a quiet place for everyone to sit. As a guide, we recommend this Smiling Mind audio guide.


Further information

For more information about SANE@Work or Mindful Employer, contact us at

Sarah Earnshaw