Exploring the issues of wellbeing, mindfulness, mental health, and mental illness at work

This monthly show brings together industry and business leaders, mental health and human resources (HR) experts, and people with lived experience, to explore the issue of mental health at work.

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Eposide 13

Advice for successful return to work

People often think if someone is experiencing mental illness they should spend time away from work.

However, research shows that staying at work can assist in recovery, and this is often confirmed by people who live with a mental illness.

Senior Occupational Physician, Dr Andrea James talks to Mindful Employer about steps and procedures that can ensure an employee successfully returns to work.


Episode 12

Coordinating activities across multiple and remote locations

Creating a mentally healthy workplace can be challenging, especially when coordinating activities across multiple and remote locations.

St Barbara is an Australian gold explorer and producer, with locations across Victoria, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Mindful Employer spoke to Val Madsen, General Manager of Human Resources, who explained the company's overall approach to workplace mental health and how they have tailored this overarching policy to fit each location.

For more information regarding the impact a FIFO lifestyle can have on workers and families, see Mindful Employer's A FIFO family Christmas.


Episode 11

Physical and Psychological Wellbeing at Work

Claire Ebstein is Manager of Proactive Services at Bodycare Workplace Solutions. She is responsible for onsite injury prevention services including training, education, safety health services, mental health services, ergonomics, and manual handling.

In this podcast Claire discusses the important connection between mind and body in the workplace, and the shift organisations are making as they transition from pure physical injury management to include psychological wellbeing.

Claire's podcast includes some useful tips for organisations.


Episode 10

Early intervention and workplace mental health

How does early intervention fit into workplace mental health and occupational health and safety?

Viva Energy's Dr Andrea James introduces the Mindful Employer Podcast to Viva's early intervention program and shares what she has learned about workplace mental health during her career, which includes the oil and gas industry.

Dr James makes a case for organisations to adopt early intervention mental health strategies to improve outcomes for individuals, families, and organisations.


Episode 9

Mental health and OHS

Where and how does mental health fit into Occupational Health and Safety?

Mindful Employer interviewed Dr Kelly Johnstone, the Safety Institute of Australia's Chair of Fellows, about the future of OHS and how Australian employers are now considering the effect of the workplace environment on employee mental health.


Episode 8

Mental illness and disclosure

Jesse is a naval architect and he shares his story of work, mental illness and disclosure with the Mindful Employer Podcast.

Jesse explains the challenges caused by his Bipolar Disorder, including depressive and manic phases, and his experience disclosing his illness to employers.

So how can employers effectively respond to an employee living with a mental illness? Jesse provides his first-hand advice on how best to support an employee going through a tough time.


Episode 7

A FIFO family Christmas

Chris and Laurel have been married for over 30 years. They share their journey together, along with some tips for coping as a FIFO family.

Cath Ashton, Director of ROI Mental Health, Mindful Employer Facilitator, and co-author of submissions to the Western Australian and Queensland Parliamentary inquiries into mental health, suicide and FIFO work, discusses the psychosocial challenges in mining as well as some of the great supports being offered by mining companies.

This podcast will help you appreciate the impact that regular travel away from home can have on families, while also providing some tips for staying connected.


Episode 6

Leadership in creating mentally health workplaces

SANE Australia CEO Jack Heath shares his ideas about leadership in creating mentally healthy workplaces. Jack has worked in the mental health sector for years and is considered a leading thinker in the area. We discover what sectors have the greatest challenges in workplace mental health and what companies are leading by example. Jack also tells us what programs SANE has in place to ensure the mental health of its employees.


Episode 5

Consumer perspective on workplace programs

Join Mindful Employer's workplace and mental health podcast and learn from someone who balances employment and his own mental health symptoms. Tim works in Superannuation, lives with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and provides consumer insight at Mindful Employer's workshops. We asked Tim how he thought employers and HR professionals could improve workplace programs and mental health literacy.


Episode 4

Workplace psychology and employee wellness

Join mental health and workplace expert Eliza Oakley as she talks to industrial psychologist Margaret Aboody. Eliza and Margaret discuss workplace psychology, employee wellness and how a leading tourist destination implemented an employee wellness program.


Episode 3

The future of workplace wellness

Join mental health and workplace expert Eliza Oakley as she talks to Dr John Lang, Chief Executive Officer at the Workplace Health Association of Australia. Eliza and John discuss workplace wellness, opportunities businesses are currently missing and how we can revolutionise the industry in Australia.


Episode 2

Mindful Employer and workplace wellness

Join mental health and workplace expert Eliza Oakley as she talks to Megan Kingham, Manager Health and Wellbeing at Optus. Eliza and Megan discuss how to create a mentally healthy workplace by developing workplace programs and initiatives.


Episode 1

Mindful Employer and workplace disclosure

Join mental health and workplace experts Eliza Oakley and Charmaine Smith as they discuss mental health at work, how to handle an employee's disclosure of mental health symptoms, and how managers and employers can create a supportive and mentally healthy workplace.