Mindful Employer training increases awareness and understanding about mental illness and mental health concerns as they may commonly present in the workplace. It empowers managers and staff to address mental health issues at the earliest stages of presentation.

By improving awareness and understanding, organisations are able to reduce stigma so that workplace mental health can be approached in the same manner as other health and safety issues. The program also supports corporate compliance by ensuring that staff know how to respond with respect to discrimination, disability and privacy legislation.

Mindful Employer does not teach counseling or clinical assessment skills, and does not replace the work of an employee assistance program.
The 6-hour and 3-hour workshops are customised during a free 1-hour consultation with organisations before delivery. Mindful Employer also offers a range of consulting services.

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    6-hour Workshop

    Develop a focussed, organisation-wide approach to mental health concerns, using real-world examples.

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  • people working around a desk

    3-hour Workshop

    Give managers the confidence and skills to recognise and respond to workplace mental health concerns.

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  • a man serving a woman in a watch shop

    Customer service workshop

    Equip staff in public-facing roles with the knowledge, skills and resilience to respond effectively.

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  • people in a class taking notes

    1-hour Seminars

    Increase staff awareness about mental health concerns, resilience, anxiety and stress management.

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    Deliver cost-effective mental health awareness training to a to a large number of staff across an organisation.

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