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Prepared Leaders

This highly practical, interactive workshop builds the confidence and skills of managers and leaders to recognise and respond to workplace mental health concerns early, in the same way as they would any other safety issue. By teaching your leaders the appropriate skills, you’ll increase your organisation’s preventative capabilities, and help to promote a positive mental health culture in the workplace.


  • Increases confidence in managing workplace mental health issues

  • Builds organisational skill levels around having the “Are you OK?” conversation, setting boundaries and making reasonable adjustments for staff with a mental illness

  • Encourages leaders to role model and create a psychologically safe workplace culture

  • Raises awareness of EAP and further resources for support and assistance

  • Encourages leaders to take active steps to increase mental fitness.

Duration: 3 hours
Accommodates: Up to 25 participants

Leading a Mentally Healthy Workplace


3 hour workshop

On The Frontline

This dynamic workshop ensures that customer service staff or staff working in a public-facing role have the knowledge, skills and resilience to respond to mental health issues effectively. It is designed to increase awareness and understanding of a broad range of mental illnesses, ensuring staff have the skills to maintain quality service, whilst still looking after themselves. Participants will learn how to access appropriate support services and take home the practical skills to ensure they can respond in a crisis.


  • Increases knowledge about mental illness

  • Increases understanding about the prevalence of mental illness

  • Increases capacity and confidence in dealing with customers who may have a mental illness

  • Increases ability to implement self-care strategies

  • Explores effective crisis response strategies.

Duration: 3 hours
Accommodates: Up to 25 participants

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