Mental Health in the Workplace - Our programs

Individually tailored, evidence-based and delivered by workplace mental health specialists 


When you work with Mindful Employer you’ll be creating a healthier workplace, where people genuinely care about the emotional health of those around them. Our training programs are individually tailored, evidence-based, and delivered by mental health in the workplace specialists, who genuinely love what they do, and care about the people they work with.

  • We deliver learning experiences that are practical and relatable.

  • We are committed to delivering returns on learning to your business.

To find out how we can make your workplace a healthier place to be, take a look at our 1, 3 and 6-hour workshops, as well as our online mental health courses.

1-hour workshops:

  • Understanding Mental Health. This 1-hour workshop is suitable for all staff types and perfect for larger audiences. It is an ideal introduction to the topic of mental health

2-hour Workshops:

  • Better Mental Health is a 2-hour workshop which takes a proactive approach to managing your own mental health, exploring stress management in the workplace, the science behind stress and burnout and the steps we can take to look after ourselves and others.

3-hour Workshops:

  • Prepared Leaders is a highly practical, interactive 3-hour workshop which builds the confidence of managers and leaders to recognise and respond to mental health issues in the workplace

  • On the Frontline is designed for staff who are working in customer service or dealing directly with the public. This 3-hour workshop ensures these staff have the knowledge, skills and resilience to respond to mental health issues effectively

6-hour Workshops:

  • Culture, Compliance & Safety is a full day workshop that takes a deeper look at the culture, knowledge and skills that support good mental health at work

We can tailor our programs to address particular issues occurring in your workplace, or to satisfy specific compliance requirements. Whatever your business type, size or needs, we have workshops and online programs to suit – and if we don’t, then rest assured we can develop one that will.

Guest Speakers

One of our most unique program features is the option of adding a guest speaker to a workshop. Our guest speakers are people who have experienced mental illness and they talk candidly about this experience. Our guest speakers are a highlight for participants, as they provide a candid insight into working whilst experiencing mental illness, including what was helpful (and what wasn't).