Why Us?

Mindful Employer is a unique workplace mental health program that helps organisations create a preventative workplace mental health and wellbeing culture.

The program enables employers to improve their organisation’s culture of mental health and wellbeing by increasing the skills and confidence of managers and staff to deal with mental health issues at the earliest stage. Mindful Employer’s consulting and training solutions ensure organisations can provide a consistent response to reduce organisational risk and comply with key legislation.

Mindful Employer helps its clients to develop preventative workplace practices by removing the barriers that stop organisations from improving workplace mental health. By keeping the individual with lived experience at the centre of the solution, effective interventions can be implemented early and stigma can be understood and challenged.  

We work with our clients to develop a platform for change so that good mental health can be embedded within workplace health and safety.  

If your organisation is looking to improve workplace People and Culture KPIs and support the upskilling of staff and management, contact us.

Benefits to Employers

Investing in better workplace mental health:

  • returns a minimum of $2.30 for each $1.00 invested
  • increases workplace productivity (18 million absentee days in Australia are attributable to untreated mental health problems)
  • establishes a baseline for positive organisational change
  • reduces stigma by increasing understanding and developing helpful attitudes
  • improves governance and compliance to key legislation
  • provides a consistent organisation-wide response by ensuring managers and staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to act preventatively
  • increases staff engagement and commitment, and reduces replacement costs.

pdfRead the business case for improving workplace mental health (pdf, 785 KB)

Benefits to Employees

An employee working for a mindful employer:

  • experiences a more inclusive workplace culture
  • feels more supported
  • feels more valued
  • is better able to add value to an organisation/role
  • is unlikely to reach a crisis point.

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‘People with mental illness are, and continue to be, very important parts of the workforce and the vast majority of people with a mental illness function very effectively most of the time.’

—Professor David Castle, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne Australia